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Japan International Karate Center
Summer Karate Program

$129 for the month of June and July. Sign up before June and get the rest of May free. 

After we receive your registration and payment you will get an email from your instructor with details about the class schedule and JIKC membership.    

- This program is for ages 6 and up.

- Call for availability for ages 4 and 5. 

- Karate uniform is included no additional purchase is required.


Summer Karate Program

The undersigned understands and agrees to the following:


  1. That JIKC will not be responsible for the loss of any personal property left on the premises or for any injury on premises and further releases JIKC from any and all liability that may result from member’s activities on the premises.

  2. That violation of this JIKC's rules and/or regulations may result in dismissal.

  3. That if a student leaves voluntarily, no refund of any monies will be made as long as any JIKC training facility is available.

How To Make Payment

              To make payment, click on the donate button associated with your area and input the amount, $129 for one person $258 for two people and $387 for three. Then follow the instructions to make payment.


              You can also pay in person. Once we receive your registration, the Instructor will call you and make arrangements for you to pay at the Dojo (Karate School). 

Pearl City, Kahauiki Village, Makiki, Pearl Harbor, Hickam

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Kapolei Dojo

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