Japan International Karate Center (JIKC) was founded in 1962 by Soke Kiyohisa Hirano. JIKC is a traditional martial arts system emphasizing mental aspects such as respect, effort, patience, honesty and self-control, as well as the physical aspects of self-defence and physical fitness.

Dojo Precepts 

  • Uphold the principles of propriety and courtesy.

  • Cultivate the spirit of effort.

  • Perfect a mind of patience.

  • Live the way of truth.

  • Do not lose self-control or act in a violent manner.

JIKC New Years Day Practice 2013 (37).JPG

Fall Break Special 

$49 for 2 weeks and uniform

Try out Karate for 2 weeks. Wright now during the month of October JIKC karate we will be offering a trial period of 2 weeks for $49 plus a uniform. Click the join button for your fall break special.

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