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ME Fitness Program

@ The Kapolei Dojo
693 Komohana Street
Kapolei, HI 96707

     Over the course of my competition career I was able to be at peak level conditioning and strength due to intense fitness programing by my friend, Coach Erik Tomita. When my competition career ended, many people asked me to create a fitness program but, at that time, I was focused on growing the karate dojo and not ready to go in that direction. But over the past two and a half years, I have been working with Coach Erik on a pilot program to train a couple of parents and students in their fitness goals. Now the program is ready. I want to offer everyone a chance to be more fit,  more healthy, and more happy.

Onsite Coach - Sensei Marc O'Reilly


     Like any person in college, I struggled to find my niche and what I ultimately wanted to pursue as a career.  With interests in art, architecture, and physical training, I was able to combine all of that with finally majoring in kinesiology with an emphasis on strength and conditioning.  The combo of being able to design customized programs that intricately helped bridge a client's goals with reality was something that became a true passion of mine.  I love sharing my knowledge and experience with those that are in need of guidance and willing to learn any chance that I can.  A few years back, I reconnected with a good friend of mine (Marc), and found more people that could use my abilities to help aid them achieve their personal goals.  The rest is history and here we are.

Offsite Coach - Erik Tomita

Personal Training

With this program you get one-on-one instruction with an experienced trainer plus your very own workout program designed to accomplish you fitness goal. 

Military Group

This program was specially designed for people trying to pass the Army Combat Fitness Test. We have also had many different service members including the "Marines" and "Airforce". If you are looking to improve your PT scores or your just interested in a challenge, this is the group for you.

Group Training

  This program is for people who prefer to train in a group setting were everyone is at their level of fitness. There are various levels of group training. At this time we have beginner and intermediate groups available.

Open Gym Times

There are open Gym times. we have lots of equipment and conditioning machines. Just ask about the time availability.

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What Our Clients Say


"This training program has taught me the essential fundamentals to properly activate specific muscle groups in addition to the importance of pacing for endurance training and/or longer term goals"

Christipher Luke

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